Service Level Agreement (SLA)

January 8th, 2016 – rev 1.

Uptime and availability are big priorities for us. We understand it's important your organization can trust and rely on the tools it uses every day.

From backups, to security, redundancy and performance: we've taken many steps to ensure Papyrs is available nearly 100% of the time. If you're interested in reading more, we published an overview with more details on our availability measures, including our uptime track record for the last 12 months.

As part of our commitment to high availability, we offer an SLA that guarantees 99.95% monthly uptime to Mega packages.

What if we miss our uptime target?

For every account with an SLA, if we don't meet our 99.95% uptime guarantee for a given month, you get:

A refund of 100x whatever you paid for your subscription for that period of downtime, per 10 minutes of unavailability, limited to 100% of the total net monthly invoice amount. The refund is credited towards your next invoice.


The SLA guarantee is based on our (publicly available) monthly uptime percentage for a given month. This number is calculated by 3rd party server uptime monitoring software which measures the time the Papyrs web service is reachable from a number of geographical locations. The following events don't count towards downtime (being unreachable):
  • External networking problems which are outside our control. For example, networking/routing issues between your ISP and our datacenter.
  • Scheduled downtime. Although rarely needed, from time to time we need to take (part of) our systems offline for maintenance purposes. We try to keep any interruptions to the service to a minimum, and aim to schedule any of these in off-peak hours, like weekends. We will announce scheduled maintenance to Administrator users by email, or within the application and on @stunf
  • Unreachability caused by: (i) factors outside the reasonable control of Stunf, (ii) suspension and/or termination of your Papyrs account in accordance with our Terms of Service, (iii) any actions or inactions by you or any third party (for example, not updating your software or required security certificates).
  • Downtime of any other web properties than the Papyrs web service itself, for example other products or our marketing site(s).
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